May 26th 2014

"Hidden Sign" is the tale of an love affair and its over analysis by the two participants. Does the love affair survive? – Draw your own conclusion. The track highlights the masterful bass playing of Visage bass player Steve Barnacle. The clean amped sound and 80s beats and grooves propel this song along, leaving just enough space for Robin Simons (Ex Ultravox) masterful guitar and Steves thoughtful vocal.


Feb 20th 2014

The last time we were in Japan was 1982. Back then, TDK Japan made two TV adverts featuring our own Steve Strange, using Night Train and Whispers (which were both later released as singles in Japan). Watch the video here

VISAGE to Play with 70 Piece ORCHESTRA in Prague

Feb 11th 2014

On March 15th at the Ski Flying World Championships, Adidas Arena Harrachov, Czech Republic.

We are pleased to announce that we will be performing at the closing ceremony of the Ski Flying World Championships 2014. We will be premiering a very unique project named The Synthosymphonica.

Visage, led by the charismatic Steve Strange and accompanied by Prague Synthosymphonic Orchestra, will perform 10 of their greatest hits in brand new arrangements, in which the cool world of electropop connects with the warmth of symphony orchestra. This fusion brings a truly unique musical experience. In addition the show will be accompanied by a great visual show, using the latest videomapping, lazer and light-designing technology.

Never Enough- Out now

Dec 6th 2013

'Never Enough' is the album opening track that is the musical 'all guns blazing'. It merges thundering Moroder-esque basslines with layers of Robin Simon's effected guitars. Real drums with copious amounts of fills and Giorgio Moroder style "Haas" effect snare power the track along. The highlight however is the main keyboard riff which features boldly in the intro and chorus. The lyrics reflect a stormy and failing relationship and set the tone for a more personal approach to the song-writing on this latest Visage album.